•  To empower students with knowledge, skills and values to increase their employability by enhancing accessibility of quality education, ensuring equity and inclusion, encouraging highest standards in teaching and learning with accountability, promoting best practices in research and innovation.

  • Institutional Autonomy and Academic freedom: Provide freedom to scholars in order to disseminate information without the fear of being fired or ousted.

  • Honesty and Integrity: Emphasize on promoting best and honest practices in research, publication and all aspects of educational processes. Reducing the undue pressure on professionals for paper publications or good performance by students in exams which lead scholars to opt for unfair means in academic practice. Focus should, therefore, reside on checking dishonest practices.

  • Balancing of Teaching and Scholarship: Encouraging teachers to align their teaching and research interests leading to quality output.

  • The value of Benchmarking: Understanding the importance of benchmarking and adopting a balanced and evolved approach towards inculcating suitable changes for a holistic development of the HE landscape.

  • Development of E-Resources: Development of e-resources to reduce the burden on finance and provide an ease of access.

  • Financing Option: Diverse funding options in the form of loans, public private partnerships or industry specific scholarships need to be developed.