• To make Haryana a knowledge-based community in accordance with the principles and mandate of National Education Policy, 2020.

    • To provide greater opportunities of access to higher education and ensure inclusion of vulnerable groups like the poor, females and minorities.

    • To establish educational institutions focused on academics, research, vocational training and encourage institutions to engage in stretching the frontiers of knowledge.

    • To improve the quality of the educational institutions by investing in infrastructure, and faculty, academic reforms, improving governance and institutional strengthening.

    • To provide institutional autonomy and academic freedom to educational institutions.

    • To bridge the gap between educational output and industry demand through collaboration with industry

    • To employ Information, Communication and Technology to share educational resources and improve the governance structure.

    • To create a culture of integrity, quality and excellence at an individual and institutional level.

    • To encourage international cooperation in the field of higher education to enhance the educational opportunities in the state